Richard Wallace

Richard Wallace

Richard Wallace, a Chicago native and community organizer in the fight to end to the war being waged on Black bodies in the US, in all its forms.

Wallace, recently received Roosevelt University’s prestigious Matthew Freeman Social Justice Award in April of 2015, and graduated from Roosevelt University’s school of Sociology, in the Fall of 2015 with honors.

Wallace, a nationally recognized Artist who goes by the name of Epic of Chicago’s rap trio BBU, is a community organizer, Americore alumni, the Summit Executive of Men and Women in Prison Ministries, founder of the Roosevelt University student chapter of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, Founder of The Future of Benin Program in west Africa, and currently serves as the Deputy Director of the Workers Center for Racial Justice in Chicago. A lead organizer for the Workers Center for Racial Justice in Chicago, Wallace has spoken publicly against mistreatment of African Americans at recent rallies in Chicago and other parts of the country. He has lead actions on Chicago’s west side to demand access to employment for Black workers and end discriminatory hiring practices.

He’s also worked behind the scenes successfully lobbying state lawmakers to make legislative changes, including a Ban the Box initiative, which was championed by the Workers Center for Racial Justice. This initiative has made it illegal in Illinois for employers to require applicants to check a box if they are convicted felons. Wallace, has also recently been recognized by CNN for his w contribution to the Movement for Black Lives policy, “A Vision for Black Lives”.


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